Chemistry mcqs

(1): 1/cm is the unit of
(a) Wave length (b) Frequency 
(c)Wave number (d) Amplitude

(2):How many obitals are present in second shell?
(a) One 
(b) Two 
(c) Three 
(d) four

(3):A series of spectral lines which is produced when electrons jump from higher energy level to 3rd orbit is called 
(a)Brackett series 
(b) Pfund series 
(c) Lyman series 
(d) Paschen series

(4):The splitting of spectral lines under the influence of magnetic field is called
(a) Stark effect 
(b) Zeeman effect 
(c) Tyndyl effect 
(d) Compton effect

(5):Second line of Balmer series is produced when electron jumps to second shell from
(a) 1st shell 
(b) 3rd shell
(c) 4th shell 
(d) 7th shell

(6):Slow neutrons have energy
(a) 1.2 Me V 
(b) 1 eV 
(c) Less than 1 eV 
(d) Greater than 1.2 eV

(7):Line spectrum of sodium contains
(a)One yellow line 
(b) Tow yellow lines 
(c) Several yellow lines 
(d) Several lines

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